​​About Us

The Ford Rallye Sport Owners Club of Victoria caters for all owners and enthusiasts of all RS vehicles manufactured by the
​Ford Motor Company.

Who we are?
The Ford Rallye Sport Owners Club Victoria is a group of classic vehicle enthusiasts who share a passion for Ford’s small and medium sized sports vehicles. Of particular interest and passion are the Ford Rallye Sport or RS cars produced by Ford in Europe from the early 1970’s to the current RS vehicles

What is our aim?
The clubs aim is to encourage the restoration, modification, preservation and above all, the use and enjoyment of Ford RS vehicles and all other small fords.

What we do?
 1) Club events are frequent and diversified with a good balance of work shop tours, video nights, show n shine displays, technical sessions, road-touring assemblies, driver training days, track days and motor-sport events. Our club also shares regular events with the Capri, Cortina Mk1, Ford Four and Zephyr/Zodiac Car Clubs of Victoria. Event sharing provides these clubs, their members and the small Ford community with many positive outcomes.

2) Annual General Meeting, The Club holds its AGM in July every year, where committee positions are elected. The club committee attends 11 Meetings per annum and control the day to day management and future direction of the club

3) Christmas function, The Club holds an Annual Christmas Dinner and Awards night at the December club meeting. A special guest speaker is usually on hand for the evening along with a special interest video and awards for club championships.

4) Small Ford Sunday, The club also funds and organises Small Ford Sunday – a long established annual show event open to the entire classic Ford community of Australia. This event has attracted over 200 entrants and thousands of general public visitors each year, while raising much needed funds for charity organisations and community support groups.

5) Show n shine events, The club holds an annual show and shine event. Entry to this event is free and usually includes a BBQ lunch. Various trophies are awarded for best vehicle in class as voted by the club committee. The club annual show n shine, once a part of Small Ford Sunday is now a separate event.

What services and benefits do members receive?
*Free technical advice, assistance and information on all RS models from Australia and around the world
*Vehicle identification and authenticity checks for prospective purchasers. All RS models available.
*Discount insurance quotations for club member vehicles
*Assistance on finding spare parts
*Discounts at various motoring retailers on production of current membership card
*Regular Club Newsletters & events calendars
*Membership card & ‘RSOCV member’ sticker
*Regular and varied club events
*Large range of club merchandise and leisure wear
*Club sprint championship
*Club Person of The Year Award
*AOMC affiliation
*CAMS affiliation
*Classic Historic Permit scheme (For vehicles 25+ years old, in Victoria only)
*Annual Club Concourse

What is our stance on engine conversions?
Fitting a modern engine into these vehicles is quite common. The club does not discriminate against any engine conversions a member may undertake. We do have a preference for Ford based engine conversions, but that is a preference only and each owner/enthusiast should feel free to do as they please with their own vehicle.

Where and when are our meetings held?
Club meetings are held monthly on the 3rd Monday of every month, 8pm Bells Hotel, 157 Moray Street, South Melbourne from 7pm if you want a meal, meetings start at 8pm.
​(Committee meetings are held in the Bells Hotel on the 2nd Monday of every month) 

What is the format of club meetings?
Club meetings are fairly informal, with a brief update of club happenings from the committee followed by various videos, raffles, technical information sessions, parts sales and occasional special guest speakers. If you are having trouble finding us, ask one of the friendly bar staff who will be happy to point you in the right direction.

Does the club sell spare parts?
From time to time the club re-manufacturers or purchases some parts where there is significant demand within our club to justify the costs. All re-manufactured parts, decals and merchandise is sold at competitive prices with all profit returning to club. Availability of some items will be short and as such these items can sell out fast.​​​

The RS Cars
The following table lists all the Ford RS, ST, XR and other non RS models. The non-RS models are prefixed with * in each category. Owners of these non-RS vehicles listed are welcome and actively encouraged to join our club. If you do not own a car that is on the list, don't worry as all small Ford enthusiasts are welcome.


​Escort Mk1 Twin Cam (& GT1600 1972)
Escort Mk1 RS1600
Escort Mk1 Mexico
Escort Mk1 RS2000
*Escort Mk1 1300GT, 1300, L, XL, Super, Van
Escort Mk2 RS1800
Escort Mk2 RS2000
Escort Mk2 Mexico
*Escort Mk2 GS Rally Pack, Ghia, GL, XL, L, Van​
*Escort Mk3, Mk4, Mk5, XR3, XR3i & all other variants
Escort RS1600i
Escort RS Turbo Series 1
Escort RS Turbo Series 2
Escort RS Cosworth
Escort RS2000 Mk5 & 4×4​

​Capri RS2600 Capri RS3100

Sierra RS Cosworth
Sierra RS500 Cosworth
*Sierra XR4, XR4x4, XR4Ti
Sapphire RS Cosworth & 4X4​


*Laser S Turbo
*TX3 & TX3 4WD​

Ford KA
*Ford KA

Fiesta RS1800
Fiesta RS Turbo
*Fiesta Zetec Mk6
*Fiesta XR4 (ST) Mk6
*Fiesta ST​

Focus RS Mk1
Focus RS Mk2
Focus RS Mk3
*Focus ST170 Mk1
*Focus Zetec Mk1
*Focus Zetec Mk2
*Focus XR5 (ST) Mk2
*Focus ST

*Modeo XR5
*Mondeo ST24
*Mondeo ST200​​